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sjgOf the 21 Founders, most were employees of the NTC and the majority were Electrical Engineers. However, Stanley Goddard was the General Superintendent of the NTC - what today would be called Managing Director. His generosity endowed the Lodge with many items of its initial furnishings, including the three ivory gavels. But masonically speaking he was junior to W.Bro Frederic Harke and W.Bro Percival Kipping, having become a Mason only in 1905, so took the office of 1st Junior Warden, becoming Master two years later.


Stanley Goddard was born in 1863, the son of a Tea Broker. In 1880, he became a trainee Auditor with Quilter, Ball & Co and while there worked in the winding up of the old Edison Telephone Company. He became an external auditor for both the United Telephone Company and the NTC prior to their merger. In 1892 he joined the NTC as their first Head of Audit, but in 1893 was promoted to become Assistant to the General Manager. He succeeded to this post in 1907, at which time it was renamed General Superintendent. He was a key player in the successful transfer of the NTC into the PO in 1912. As so often happens in company takeovers, there was no place for Goddard himself in the Post Office in 1912, but he then became Vice-President of the Western Union Telegraph Co.

kipping3Another key player in the early days of Telephone Lodge was Percival Kipping, the first SW. He was by far the most experienced Mason and often deputised for Goddard, who no doubt was too busy running the NTC to devote much time to ceremonies. He was the first Lodge member to gain London Rank (now LGR) and the first to become a Grand Officer.

PaddonOur last remaining Founder W. Bro. Albert Frederick Paddon, G.St.B. (1935), P.A.G.D.C. (1950) died on 10th April, 1960 aged 85. He was a member of the Management Committee of the R.M.B.I. for 37 years and was actively interested in the development of the Telephone Lodge throughout his long life.