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The Lodge today

4626For some years, the Lodge has had informal links with the Port of Hercules Lodge in Monaco. One of our Past Masters was a member there, while a recent initiate works in London for the Monaco Tourist Authority and so knows the Principality well.

The Port of Hercules Lodge was originally No 4626 on the register of the UGLE, but in 2011 it transferred to the new Regular Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco, where it has become Lodge No 2. RW Bro Rex Thorne represented UGLE in the negotiations leading up to the foundation of the new Grand Lodge and is now an Assistant Grand Master there. However, several members of the Port of Hercules Lodge have recognised the benefits of maintaining their status as English Masons and have therefore joined Telephone Lodge.

This has added to the already cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Lodge and is a welcome addition to our number.

In 2017 we welcomed several members from the closed Garden City Lodge which again has helped strengthen our numbers.

Hampshire Lodge P300

In January 2018, Hampshire Lodge No 3538, with which we have had a joint LOI since 1957, amalgamated with Telephone Lodge and the combined lodge is now Telephone & Hampshire Lodge No 3301.