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The modern era

towerIn 1983 the Lodge celebrated its 75th year and W. Bros. Jack Haywood and Rex Thorne revised the history of the Lodge which was the source for much of this website.  The Roll of Masters was presented to the Lodge by the Master, W. Bro. Jack Hewitt, and was dedicated by W. Bro. Frank Thomas. The Roll features the Lodge badge, drawn by W. Bro. Rex Thorne, while the calligraphy for the names of the Masters was created by ‘Bunny’ Hewitt, the Master’s wife, who continued to make regular additions to the Roll for many years. In 1983, the Lodge had 29 full members and 25 on the country list.

Since the 1980s, the telecommunications industry has been radically changed. The Post Office became British Telecom in 1981 and was privatised in 1984. Competition was introduced into all parts of the market. Many may regret the changes, but perhaps we should consider that the fighting spirit of the NTC, after 70 monopoly years, has risen again. Lodge members included some working for BT’s competitors, as well as the industry regulator Oftel, but all have met in harmony.

In 1991, the Lodge moved its meeting place from the Café Royal to Mark Masons’ Hall.

In 2000, the Lodge launched its first website: what you see here is its third incarnation.

metglIn 2004, the Lodge became a Founding Lodge of the new Metropolitan Grand Lodge and our own R.W. Bro. Rex Thorne became the first Past Metropolitan Grand Master in recognition of his major contribution to creating the new ruling body for London Masons.

In 2007, our respected member R.W. Bro. Ken Thomas, who had been initiated into Telephone Lodge by his father W. Bro. Frank Thomas, was installed as Provincial Grand Master of Sussex.

In the centenary year, 2008, the Lodge had 22 full members and 10 on the country list.


rulersAt the Centenary Meeting: RW Bro Lord Millett, MetGM, RW Bro Rex Thorne OBE PMetGM and Lodge Master, MW Bro The Marquess of Northampton DL, ProGM.