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Charity through the years

A Lodge Almoner was first appointed in October 1910 - W. Bro. C.G. Sleigh (the Acting IPM at its Consecration) and he subsequently proposed the formation of a Charity Association. In 1915, this became the Telephone Lodge Masonic Benevolent Association. In 1942 a Trust Deed was set up, enabling contributions to be augmented through Income Tax recovery, initially through Covenants and latterly through the Gift Aid scheme. The Telephone Lodge Masonic Benevolent Fund was a Registered Charity, but has now been closed as the Lodge has found it more beneficial to operate through the Grand Charity's Relief Chest system.

hallstone2After the Great War, the Lodge raised £824 towards the Masonic Peace Memorial Appeal, which assisted the construction of the magnificent Freemasons Hall. The Lodge thereby became, in 1929, a Hall Stone Lodge and our Masters continue to wear the Hall Stone Jewel with pride.

Monies were also raised so that in 1921 the Lodge became a Founding Lodge of what was then called the ‘Freemasons Hospital and Nursing Home’. In 1931 the Lodge became a Patron Lodge of the Royal Masonic Hospital. By the time of the 21st Jubilee in 1929, some £3566 had been subscribed to the RMBI, RMIB and RMIG. In 1950, the sums had reached £6353 and the Lodge qualified as a Patron Lodge of the RMBI and a Vice-Patron Lodge of the RMIB and RMIG.

The support given to our Masonic Benevolent Fund is praiseworthy and the Lodge has not failed to respond to any appeal including those inaugurated as a result of the two World Wars, the 250th and 275th Anniversaries of the Founding of the United Grand Lodge of England and the 1993 London Festival Appeal for the New Masonic Samaritan Fund, where the Lodge achieved Gold status. In 2007, the Lodge was awarded Bronze status for its contribution to the Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s appeal for the RMBI.

Patron colour BLUE  JPGMore recently, the Lodge has supported the Metropolitan Masonic Charity's appeal for the purchase of the 'Cyberknife' for Barts Hospital and the subsequent portable scanner appeal, for which it has gained Patron status.