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The Lodge of Instruction

A Lodge of Instruction was first proposed in October 1909 and the Lodge approved its establishment in May 1910. At its first meeting in September 1910, no less than 40 members attended and witnessed W. Bro W. Clay Sudlow PGD, President of the Committee of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, rehearse an Installation. Just seventeen months later the Preceptor, W. Bro Edgar Wainwright, reported to the Lodge that a rehearsal of the 3rd had been worked entirely by Initiates of the Lodge and the IPM gave his opinion that “it was very well done”.

The Lodge of Instruction has always practised Emulation working and operates under the principles set down by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, by which the Lodge of Instruction is recognised, being No 11 on their list. The late W. Bro. H. Asquith obtained the Silver Matchbox for working 3 perfect ceremonies at the Emulation Lodge of Improvement.

In 1957, recognising the significant level of contribution and support given by the Hampshire Lodge No 3538, the Lodge of Instruction was renamed the Telephone and Hampshire Lodge of Instruction No 3301. The support of two lodges has helped to maintain a sufficient level of attendance which has always been a problem for Telephone Lodge because of its members being so widely spread across the country. The Lodge has benefited immensely from this joint Lodge of Instruction; not only from the dedication of its Preceptors but also from the fraternal bonds which have been established and maintained between the two lodges.