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Telephone earpiece logoTelephone Lodge No 3301

We are a relatively small London lodge, meeting four times a year at Mark Masons Hall, St James's Street.

We are fortunate to have the support of many distinguished brethren, in particular, the Right Worshipful Bro. Rex Thorne OBE; first Past Metropolitan Grand Master, who did so much to create the Metropolitan Grand Lodge. Telephone Lodge is Bro. Rex's mother lodge and he has been a member for over 50 years.

Rex ThorneRW Bro Rex Thorne OBE PMetGM PMetGSupt

Also the Provincial Grand Master of Sussex, the RW Bro Ken Thomas, is an honorary member of the Lodge and, like Rex, was introduced into the Lodge by his father.

We have a Lodge of Instruction (jointly with the Hampshire Lodge No. 3538) that meets on most Monday evenings at Great Queen Street between September and March. This follows the work of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement to which it is affiliated.

The Lodge Badge

Embossed Lodge BadgeAt its founding, the Lodge chose a badge featuring the arms of the United Kingdom, with two earpieces from the then current "candlestick" telephones on each side. It is not clear why this emblem was chosen as the National Telephone Company was a private telephone company and unlike its rival the GPO, was not connected with the Crown in any way. Indeed, in later years, Grand Lodge insisted on approving all lodge badges and the use of the Crown Arms was forbidden except in special circumstances. It is thought that the badge was meant to be interpreted symbolically: the meaning being that the telephone was connecting the nation together.

The original printer's block still survives and a computer-enhanced scan of this is shown below left.

Lodge badge from scan of printer's block

More recently a new interpretation of the Lodge badge has been produced using modern computer graphics, as shown on the page banner above and also here.

The Lodge Banners

The first banner was presented to the Lodge in 1912 by the then Master W. Bro. Fitzherbert A.B. Lord. It still exists but is damaged and quite unfit to display. In 1933 another banner was created as the first (which had also been a Roll of Masters) was full. A third banner was made for the 50th anniversary in 1958, but sadly the location of both the second and third banners is unknown.

Original Lodge BannerThird Lodge banner (Left) The first and third lodge banners (click them to enlarge). Aside from the usual masonic emblems found on most lodge banners, at the top of the 1st banner are two images of telegraph poles. On the 3rd banner, a radio transmitting tower appears on the left. Since the 75th Anniversary in 1983, we have used a pair of more robust boards on which to display our Roll of Masters.


Lodge Jewels

Past Masters' JewelsA collection of Past Masters' Jewels

The Lodge possesses three of the original Founders' Jewels and is aware of the location of two others. The first WM's jewel is with the Library & Museum of Freemasonry in London, while the 1st SW's is owned by a lady collector of Masonic jewels in Italy, who included it in a book she wrote on the subject.

Founders Jewel of MasterFounder's Jewel of Junior Warden